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The Bavarian Philharmonic struggels as an institution, which is well-established in Bavaria and living a artictic-pedagogical-social triad, for its future! The public restrictions denotes a factual interdiction of action. It can’t be anticipated, how many months or even years it will take, till making symphonic music in rehearsal or concert as usual is possible again.

Public restrictions for containment of Covid-19 led to cancellation of concerts rehearsals and workshops and provoked sincere losings. Therefore new and innovative ways to cope the crisis are crucial for a prosperous future of the Bavarian Philharmonic.

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New year concert of the Bavarian Philharmonic in the Bavarian Agency in Berlin:
20 years of Bavarian Philharmonic – Mark Mast and Konstantin Wecker in interview:

The artistic work of Bavarian Philharmonic combines symphonic tradition and modernity in an outstanding way. With innovative dramaturgical concepts and cooperations with artists and soloist of multiple imprinting a distinctive handwriting. Rehearsals on a weekly basis in the house of Bavarian Philharmonic, master classes with top-class tutors, concerts in renowned concert houses, tours to South Korea, Italy, Palestine, Russia, USA and the Czech Republic are examples for the distinctiveness of the Bavarian Philharmonic. It also attests the fortitude, Energy and professional expertise of the association. The Bavarian Philharmonic performs on international stages. It has a focus on crossover-productions.

The Bavarian Philharmonic is a nonprofit institution based in Munich, consisting of seven choirs and orchestras for participants of every age and professionalism. The institution performs on international stages regularly and has a wide range of pedagogical and social activities. She has a focus on Crossover productions. She pursues the promotion of musicians by intermediation of basics of making symphonic music lives an artitstic-pedagogical-social triad. State restrictions to stop Covid-19 forced the Bavarian Philharmonic to cancel concerts, rehearsals and workshops and provoked sincere losings. Therefore new and innovative ways to fund and develop the Bavarian Philharmonic are crucial to survive and to prosper in the future.