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Background Information

The Bavarian Philharmonic is an non-profit-organization based in Munich, Germany. It was founded in 1994. It has a symphony orchestra, chamber orchestra, youth orchestra and childrens orchestra as well as a symphonic choir, chamber choir, youth choir and childrens choir. It is completed by workshops and courses for infants beginning at an age of 4 months, providing an ouverture of key experiences in music for people of all ages. The Bavarian Philharmonic offers their young academics weekly rehearsals with professionals and brings them – following its top-down-philosophy – on stage with the professional musicians of Bavarian Philharmonic. The Bavarian Philharmonic performs about 60 concerts every year with approximately 2.000 participants and 18.000 attendees. Besides regular performances of renowned symphonic literature the Bavarian Philharmonic has a special focus on versatile Crossover-productions and first releases. The artistic-pedagogical and administrative team lives and opines excellence, ethic and energy as basic values with passion. The Claim »Art of Transformation« shows the innovative tenor of Bavarian Philharmonic.